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Thursday, 25 April 2013

First Alfa Romeo 4C Promo Touts Brand's Return to the U.S., Configurator Launches in June

There's a lot to like about the production Alfa Romeo 4C, from its ultra-lightweight construction that uses carbon fiber components to keep the dry weight at a surprisingly low 895kg or 1,973 pounds, to its nicely crafted body, and one thing to hate: those spider eye-style headlamps that look like a bad afterthought.

Alfa Romeo 4C

Of course, it could be just us and a bunch of other gearheads we talked to and who said the same thing, so if you disagree, don't be shy to share your feelings in the comments.

Now, the reason why we're coming back to the 236HP (240PS) Alfa 4C that was unwrapped earlier today at the Geneva Auto Show isn't to talk about its lights, but to tell you that the Italian brand has released the first promotion videos of the mid-engine sports car, and launched a primitive online configurator.

Alfa tells us in one of the videos that the full-spec configurator will be available in June. The one that's online now, only gives the chance to choose from two colors for the body and interior trim.

At Alfa Romeo's Geneva motor show press conference, the Italian company's CEO Harald Wester confirmed the 4C's North American premiere at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November, with first deliveries before the end of the year.

While Alfa won't reveal pricing for the United States until the LA show, Wester did say that the 4C Launch Edition shown in Geneva will be priced at €60,000 (US$78,000) in Europe where it goes on sale in September.
 Video Source : Youtube

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